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Kids Dental Medicaid/CHIP

Happy Smiles Meridian dental office in Meridian MS accepts Medicaid and CHIP insurance plans. Follow the instructions below for enrolling your child to our dentist office with Medicaid or CHIP, or to change your child's primary dentist to one at Happy Smiles Meridian.

To Enroll Your Child
  1. Request Enrollment Forms
    • Call Medicaid: 1-800-964-2777
    • or Call CHIP: 1-800-647-6558
  2. Pick a Dental Plan
    • Dentaquest or MCNA
    • Pick One; We Work With Both
  3. Pick a Main Dentist
    • Choose Your Nearest Office
      • Add the Phone# to Your Forms
    • Choose Dr. McAlexander or Dr. Leach
      • Add Their Name to Your Forms
  4. Submit Your Completed Forms
    • Submission Options:
      • Standard Mail
      • Call Medicaid or CHIP
Change to Happy Smiles Meridian
  1. Pick a Main Dentist
    • Choose Your Nearest Office
      • Copy the Phone# for Reference
    • Choose Dr. McAlexander or Dr. Leach
      • Copy Their Name for Reference
  2. Call Your Insurance
    • DentaQuest
      • Medicaid: 800-516-0165
      • CHIP: 800-508-6775
    • MCNA
      • Medicaid: 855-691-6262
      • CHIP: 855-691-6262
  3. Provide Our Phone Number and Your New Dentist's Name

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